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Sunday School

The Galilee Baptist Sunday School time is from 11:00-12:00 p.m. every Sunday morning. Children learn from experienced teachers who really care about their spiritual development. There are classes for children ages 3 through Highschool.



Awana Club meets on Wednesday night from 6:20 - 8:00 p.m. The Club is run by church volunteers who oversee the entire program and ensure that each child receives lots of individual attention and encouragement.

Each Awana meeting is a time filled with energy, fellowship and spiritual challenge. In general, the club nights feature three main segments: Game Time, Small Group Time and Large Group Time.
Game Time is comprised of exciting circle games exclusive to Awana Club that are a popular draw for kids with many different interests. Large Group Time consists of praise and worship, Bible teaching, awards, announcements and presentation of the gospel. Small Group Time provides personal interaction, learning Bible verses, friendship building and prayer time.

Vacation Bible School

Galilee usually holds Vacation Bible School in the early summer. A week of intensive Bible lessons are mixed with singing, crafts, and games.

Release Time Bible Hour

Rural Bible Ministries meets at our church location to teach boys and girls about Christ. Meetings are held monthly. Students who elect to participate and have their parents sign a form are released early from school to attend.

Child Evangelism Fellowship (Good News Club)

Galilee sponsors Good News Club which meets weekly at Saranac Elementary after school. Good News Clubs teach elementary kids through song, story, and crafts.

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